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Intercultural Training 2003

Reliable sources say that in London different departments are consulting at present.
It is said that they are working on a law which prohibits the singing of private flight instructors.
In the past there have apperently been several complaints of students because of live performances from flight instructors. It is also said that scientists have discovered that the singing of flight instructors could cause long-term consequences. This could be fear of flying, migraine, impotence and/or incontinence.
So you better make sure which concerts you will join in the future...

A spanish parachutist was attacked after finishing his practice landing. While the Spaniard tried to get his parachut under control, a big blonde man came creeping up from behind. Because the Spaniard was concentrated on the parachut he was not able to see his torturer. Obviously the man, who is still unrecognized, tried to mount the Parachutist.
Fortunetly the Spaniard has been rescued by a strong gust of wind which carried the victim away from his torturer

Cultural experiences on the intercultural training.
During the past week three of the four present nations on Juist held their presentations, introducing their country, their home towns and their way of life to us. Although the presentations where all different, for indefinite parts of the audience they did have one thing in common: pointing out clearly that understanding english is not as easy as –up to that point- one might have thought it was. Nevertheless the presentations of all British, French and Spanish were very interesting and changing speakers prevented boredom. The variation of content within the presentations gave a very good view of the three different countries and traditional songs at the conclusion of the presentations were sung excellently. Sound affects added into some parts of the presnetation made viewing ammusing.

The main language spoken on the Jubi Juist island is English.
But , because of the different nationalities and different cultures; people are learning some words in the other languages and are sometimes surprised by the culture of their neighbors. We must not forget that learning languages is something very necessary in our modern world and modern company. Airbus is in four countries and each country has its own culture and its own way of working. We all have the same objective, to build one aircraft together!
The communication between all nationalities has to be perfect to make the best product with the best technology. Through this we will grow together!
Out of our work, it}s also important to be able to speak others languages, because if a beautiful girl walk past on the beach, you will be able to talk to her and find out where she is from whatever language she speaks…..

Wednesday afternoon some students and even a flight controller from the tower tried to escape from Juist Island.
The reason for the escape attempt is the mysteric epidemic which has afflicted the island. The escape was prevented by different events. It could be a violent storm which stopped the adventuries. It could be a sea monster which destroyed the boat in a dramatically battle. But the reason was quiet more simple. The clock was near 6.30 pm and the escapers were too hungry to continue. So they decided to go back...

Odilia destroyed coffee-machine !

Women and technology doesn}t fit together. As she wanted to make coffee, in the newspaper office, for the trainers Frank, Mark and Arnaud she destroyed the coffeemachine. Mark shouted: “ Put her in the kitchen, women and technology doesn}t mix! The others agreed. Here you can see: Different cultures but a common thinking about women and machinery!

Odilia repaired the coffee-machine ??

From this day the Jubi has to buy a new one !

Call me Gerhard

The day had come. An even redder carpet was rolled out when the General Manager of Airbus Deutschland, Gerhard Puttfarcken, arrived on Juist to visit the Intercultural Seminar at the Jubi Juist.
So try to imagine how a General Manager introduces himself!? Maybe: “Hello, I’m Mr Puttfarcken from Airbus Deutschland and I’m glad to be here.” The answer is No. It was more like an unplugged performance. He didn}t want to be called Mr Puttfarcken he said: “You can call me Gerhard.”
The Hangar was equipped only with benches like in a beer garden, just the beer was missing Gerhard started the meeting with his own performance. Everybody was surprised that Gerhard played a song from Bob Dylan on the guitar for us. Everybody sang but nobody knew the words and so they sang lala lalalalalal la. After his music performance he told us something about his great life. He told us that he has been married for 33 years and only with one wife He studied MBA (Master Business Administration) at University
After he told us something about his unbelievable life Gerhard was ready to answer all the questions the apprentices had.
And so we had the feeling that we could get into contact with him.
Somebody wanted to know when the A380 will have it}s first flight. He said it will be in the first quarter in 2005 and everything for the Megaliner is in schedule
On the other side it was very important for the apprentices to know how Mr. Puttfarcken thinks about the September 11th and the effect and consequences after that. The answer everybody wanted to hear was: “AIRBUS is always reacting quickly to any problem”
At the end of the hour he said that he likes the JUBI and he enjoyed to talk with the apprentices. He also said that he envies us because he would like to be as young as we are and take part in a seminar like ours. But there is no way!!!!. But he is still young at heart.
Finally he had his first flight with the “AIRBUS” powered glider like all of us. He said “GolfGolf ready for departure 3-0 concrete” and took off.

A bad virus came over the island of Juist this week. More than 80% of apprentices, trainers and flight instructors are infected! Nobody knows how this intercultural virus came.
Now the Jubi administration decided that nobody is allowed to leave the island. This is to prevent the spread of the virus getting to main land Germany and else where. The cause of the virus is not yet known, however some people have their own views on where it came from. Some people think it may have been started by the dodgy food made by the English. Others think it may have started in the smallest club in the world Giftbude on Saturday night. All these are just ideas that people have come up with. People suffering all week have been getting drugs from well known dealer Odilia G. She can be found in the corner of the Airbus Arms and sometimes she is last out of the Jubi restaurant, each time holding her bag with the stuff. These drugs numb the pain of the virus; however they can cause the patient to have hallucinations and can have similar effects to LSD a drug well known in the 70’s. Vietchy, one of Odilia`s patient’s said he found the room he was in turned upside-down and then began to rotate for some time.

On Wednesday the 22nd August, Shirley set off into town to pick up some beer for the evening to share around. In the supermarket he noticed an unbelievable bargain on Becks, 3euros for 6 bottles. Thinking he couldn’t go wrong at that price he snapped them up. When he got back and shared them around a couple of people mentioned that they tasted slightly strange “that’s because they’re a bit warm” Shirley said. After a number of bottles had been drank some of the British boys had past out, “lightweights” Shirley slurred whilst stumbling into the toilet to be sick, he past out as well 10 minutes later as he finished his last bottle. Whilst they were unconscious a few snaps were taken of Nick, Shirley and Craig. When the lads woke up Austin, laughing, told them that he had noticed that the label on the bottle read Alkohol Frei, meaning alcohol free. “No they’re not” said Shirley who was very embarrassed as was the other boys. The lads will never live it down, they will be known as the non – alcoholic piss heads of Juist for years to come

Saturday night saw another disappointment for the french contingeant. A challenge was laid down by the French boys, however, this was not be another team event in witch the French have proved shady in the past . The chosen event was to be arm wrestling. The britsh representated nominated was Mr Steven "3Man"Colclough, the challenge facing him was a tough one but hopes were high on the british side. The man that stepped up for the French was nameless but answered to the the name "Stud".
The competition got underway and "3 Man" Colclough appeared to have everything under control until the French decided to get up to their old tricks. Slowly more men piled on to their French mans hand until 15 French arms were pulling against the might of the British representative. At 15 men to one the competition looked secure for the French until La Veiche produced a can of Spinach and dropped it in to "3 mans" mouth. The French didn't of time to blink as the French were driven through the table faster than they were out of the last Word Cup.
This win was another in a long line of disappointing defeats for the French, ah well lads keep on drinking the red wine .

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