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After a long 14 hour journey from the UK the British lads could not think of anything better to do than have a 20 a side football match on the dunes of Juist. The Airbus Apprentices from around the world were divided into two teams of mixed nationality one team in shirts and one in skins. Because the unfit lads did not want to take their shirts off they nominated themselves for shirts. This selection may have caused the game to be biased towards the shirts team and had a major impact on the events during the game.
The match was played at a very high tempo with crunching tackles flying in everywhere. French divers overshadowed the match as false free kicks were awarded. One French Gymnast forgot he was playing football and tumble tackled everything in his way performing flips and spectacular dives. His name cannot be mentioned this tall, dark haired, shirtless French midfielder did not want everyone to know about his poncy profession in gymnastics.
The striking from the skins side was of international quality. Little can be said about the shirts as the striker who scored their opening goal changed teams after being sick down his shirt due to his excessive cheese and ham consumption over the previous 48 hours. The game ended with a superb British link up finished by Nick Hannam which his celebration can only be described as boring. After the game the Sun of Juist got some views of how the game went from the players.
British Nick, 19 from the shirts side said “At the end of the day we played hard but not hard enough. There were two many individuals not working as a team.” Not happy Nick went on to say “I am gutted and will not be able to sleep tonight. Finally he said “I am a winner and will demand a rematch, I was robbed, a qualified referee would not have given a number of false free kicks mainly blatant dives from the French.”
The Skins captain’s views were somewhat different to Nicks. A la Vietch says “The lads were up to premiership standard of fitness and effort.” He then stated “A few French signings disappointed him as they did not perform. They were too busy practising their diving technique and not playing the game.”
The German lads had the points board ready to rate the diving style and technique; some excellent scores were awarded to the French players. That night the skins celebrated hard into the early morning, however the lightweight French and Germans did not come out.
For an inaccurate and extremely biased report read the French report overleaf.
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