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Situated approximately 7Km down the coast of the island is the town of Juist. The path from the JUBI goes straight into the town itself and can be either walked or cycled. There is also a taxi, in the form of a horse and cart, available to and from the town during the day. The town has a variety of shops and amenities which stock a wide range of products to suit peoples needs and requirements. Shops include:
Supermarket – This stocks a wide range of food and drink including some British products.
Chemist – Products such as sun protection can be found here along with other medicines that may be required (after long nights out)!
Photography Shop – This shop stocks a wide range of cameras and photography accessories at reasonable prices. This shop is useful for those who like to take home memories of their time on the island.
Entertainment within the town is varied depending on the area within the town visited. Relaxing bars and hotels can be found to the south of the town and the clubs and larger bars to the north. Restaurants are scattered over the town and vary in the type of food available.
The Discotech on the North beach is the main club within the town. A wide variety of drinks can be found inside the club and the average cost to get in is 3 Euros. Music ranges from Techno to Rock and Roll and theme nights occur throughout the week.
A Nuunery near the centre of the town is a challenge for any willing person!
“Any chance Ace?”
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