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Intercultural Training 2003
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On saturday august 16, seven members of the Airbus training staff arrived at Juist for an important meeting.
The V.I.P meeting took place in the congress centre of Jubi Juist.
The celebrities were Uwe Neuhaus, Mareike Hammerschmidt-Wilkens, Gérard Soum, Francois Maurens, Gary Griffiths, Mick Fleming and Odette Peyran.The topic of this meeting was the ICP - Intercultural Competence Programme, which is a new developement by Airbus. What is ICP about? It contains 4 steps were apprentices and workers will be contacted with international competences. For example, one step is to establish international contacts. This contains that you do an exchange with another Airbus country or you participate with the intercultural seminar on Juist. On Juist you can get first impressions and you can collect your own experiences e.g. talking to people from different countries you can reduce your prejudices. People have come to Juist with some of their own ideas of other cultures. Reliable sources had said that French girls think that German girls don't shave their legs and that British boys are convinced that Germans girl don't shave their arm pits.There are some English who don't like tea and prefer to sing goodnight to their horse rather than their wife. In Spain there is only one special aera where paella comes from, and in Germany leather pants and leather braces aren't the most famous clothes. But we are growing together..............
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