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Saturday night saw another disappointment for the french contingeant. A challenge was laid down by the French boys, however, this was not be another team event in witch the French have proved shady in the past . The chosen event was to be arm wrestling. The britsh representated nominated was Mr Steven "3Man"Colclough, the challenge facing him was a tough one but hopes were high on the british side. The man that stepped up for the French was nameless but answered to the the name "Stud".
The competition got underway and "3 Man" Colclough appeared to have everything under control until the French decided to get up to their old tricks. Slowly more men piled on to their French mans hand until 15 French arms were pulling against the might of the British representative. At 15 men to one the competition looked secure for the French until La Veiche produced a can of Spinach and dropped it in to "3 mans" mouth. The French didn't of time to blink as the French were driven through the table faster than they were out of the last Word Cup.
This win was another in a long line of disappointing defeats for the French, ah well lads keep on drinking the red wine .
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